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Nonprofit Solutions, LLC

Whether you work at a small nonprofit or are the department head at a large organization, chances are you're focusing a lot of time and energy on your programs and the day-to-day operations. That's great! But, what are you missing?


Think about how many times in the past year have you missed a grant deadline, or submitted a proposal that was sub-par. Think about all those times when you wanted to research a new community or corporate grant but didn't. Think about the last time you updated the language on your website. Or, about all those outdated pamphlets and flyers floating around the office.

Development and marketing are often overlooked at nonprofits because they do not directly impact the individuals you serve on a daily basis. But, when you ignore these essential business functions you limit your organization's exposure to potential grant makers, individual and corporate donors, and the community, as a whole. 

Our goal is simple: Pick-up the development and marketing slack so your nonprofit can focus on its mission.

meet the team
Greg Bott, MS
Grant Writing Consultant, Principal

Greg Bott has worked for 10+ years in grant writing and nonprofit development in Pennsylvania. He has successfully secured grant funding from foundation, corporate, state, local, and federal government sources. Throughout his career, Greg has developed various programs utilizing nationally recognized best-practice solutions to address community issues related to housing, homelessness, workforce development, and outdoor recreation within the Lehigh Valley and surrounding counties. Greg's specialty is disability rights and he served as a leader on local, regional, and statewide projects related to accessible recreation and adaptive technology.

He has consulted with nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wyoming, to name a few. He has presented grant writing and research workshops to more than 24 disability rights organizations nationwide, and has coached state and local organizations on strategic planning.

Greg has also organized small- to large-scale events, including regional conferences, fundraising galas, golf tournaments, and other community events. He has created marketing and branded materials for various organizations, and has managed print, digital, social media, radio, and television campaigns throughout his career.


During the day, Greg serves as a regional development director for a statewide nonprofit organization and is involved in with the local United Way and a youth scholarship foundation.


He received his Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication and Public Relations from Kutztown University, and his Master’s degree in Mass Media Arts and Journalism from Clarion University.

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